La Prima Philosophy

“I don’t mind living in a man’s world as long as I can be a woman in it.”

Marilyn Monroe.

La Prima is a love story.

Because every woman deserves to feel unique, loved, unrepeatable.

As are the wonderful objects that we think and realize every day for her.

We have chosen the crown as our symbol. The symbol of all women.

To feel a queen is to love yourself and take the best from life.

Each one of our dresses, each one of our purses, each one of our jewels, is like you. A project that cannot be replicated!

Full of love, because those who make it want the best for themselves and for others.

Luxury is quality, excellence. It is a wide choice of countless wonderful things.But we could say that luxury is love, it represents the best that everyone deserves.A gift to oneself, not a concept of exclusion.

An experience to be felt, which becomes part of you and your dreams.

But it is not enclosed only in the final object, it touches all the way from it to you.

Love is what bounds those who design it, those who create it and those who buy it, become the protagonist of the story.

Luxury is emotion, because every moment that brings that object to you is exciting: the choice of raw materials, the processing phases, the definition of colours, the search for every single detail.

Ours is the work of creatives, technicians, visionaries: we take the raw material - making sure it has been supplied ethically - and transform it into beauty.

Made in Italy is at the heart of this process : how could it be otherwise?

Skins like tapestries, alchemy of furs and precious materials, colours stolen from heaven and earth, unique shapes, jewels born from an original and cosmopolitan creative mind: every object is a story to tell.

We transform raw materials into works, to give you pure emotions.



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