Cat on a hot Tin Roof

Follow me.

Me and my fur.

Because we're the same thing: funny, sensual, precious.

With the colours of life or with those of nature.

What could be more perfect, more enveloping, than a sable?

Sprayed white, as if it were snowed in.

The sable coat signed La Prima is a unicum: a cold spot of brown, sprayed by a silvery white and moved by the backbone that creates natural games of volume.

The perfection of the Silvery 5+ sable, which only the wilderness, in its wonder, can offer and that we interpret to its maximum expression.

The honey-coloured jacket, dotted with white, is a rarity: the volumes are marked by a strong backbone and golden python bands that shine discreetly.

Even the chinchilla is enhanced in its softness, in that natural alternation of black and ice that creates enveloping waves.

The Black velvet chinchilla jacket stimulates the senses just by looking at it: the atavistic perception of magic, warmth and protection that automatically lead us towards beauty.

The dream materializes in the Violet mink, with cold reflections on the thick blanket of ice-coloured hair. On the right, a black inlay brings out the Skull, symbol of rebirth. On the left, golden python bands gently tighten the sleeve in a sensual embrace.

Three symbols: the Crown, to remind you that you are a Queen. The Skull, to bring you new life. And the Snake, to defend you from your enemies.

The fur is transformed into Art in the Shadow fox coat, which turns from dark blue to bright blue, crossing into fuchsia.

Like a Fauve painting. With hand painted python paths

in the same shades of hair that trace the back, shaken by small curtains of light, floating golden chains.

The effect is a cloud, a chromatic vertigo.

The queen becomes a panther.

The Blackglama mink kimono is of feline movement, the silk skully lining makes it irreverent, amplifies its soft and sensual texture.

Blackglama black mink with white skull inlay charms.

Ironic and powerful, the hood with ears goes with the tail, testifying to a strong, seductive, indomitable personality.

The Blackglama mink blouse pullover uncovers a shoulder leaving room for a thin golden mesh knit, revealing the femininity lit under the blanket of black.

Then, the colour: the shaved minks are tinged with ruby red, cobalt blue, light blue.

The bright green fur sweatshirt is crossed by paths in hand-painted python with gold leaf.

Or it becomes Navy: deep blue mink stripes alternating with optical white python and gold plated chain.

The cat on the hot roof plays with feline instinct.

Never forgetting to be unique, like the clothes she wears.

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