What make us different from others

La Prima color marks the first difference. Pythons and crocodiles become canvases on which the gradations fade, the tones light up, mix, become opaque or iridescent. In a way never seen before.

Every skin is traced and accompanied by a Cites certification: we know from which farm it comes from, we are sure that the treatment of the animals is ethical and that the balance of nature is respected. The crocodiles are equipped with a chip that contains all the data on origin, characteristics and farming methods.

We combine materials that don't normally come close to each other! We work them by transforming them completely: mink becomes velvet, brass accompanies marble. Diamonds fade into a fresco of jewels never seen before. Nothing is as it has always been! The commonplace does not belong to us.

Without the hands of the artisans, we would not exist. Here, “100% made in Italy” is not a facade statement. From those who paint the skins by hand, to those who set, to those who carve and melt. La Prima is a love story. Between the materials and the man who creates timeless masterpieces.

Manufacturing process



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